Patient Forum

What is the Patient Forum

The Patient Forum has been set up for over 9 years and meets every two months in the Tutbury Village Hall, (situated next to the Health Centre). The group has grown from 4 people, managed by the Practice, into an autonomous group of 20+ members. The meetings are also attended by
representatives of the Practice and local Pharmacies. This enables meaningful discussions to be held on all aspects of running the Practice and the issues that they and the patients may have. Our aims are to maintain the quality of care and work with the Practice on moving forward in these challenging times. All patients of the Tutbury Practice are invited to attend the Forum meetings.
We appreciate that, due to home and work commitments, patients may be unable to attend the meetings so in January 2015 the Virtual Patient Group was set up and currently has 38  members. The members are sent the agenda and relevant papers, prior to each Forum meeting
being held, so that a virtual group member can raise any practice related matter that they wish discussed at the meeting.
We also have representation on both the East Staffs District Patient Engagement Group and the East Staffs Clinical Commissioning Group, (ESCCG). This means we can keep all members, (including the virtual group membership), updated on both NHS and ESCCG decisions / commissioning plans that could have an impact on the Practice and /or its patients.

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