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We also provide travel advice for those patients travelling abroad. We can offer advice on vaccinations to protect against a variety of common and uncommon diseases that you may encounter whilst abroad.

If you require travel advice please complete our Travel Questionnaire and hand it into the practice at least 2 months prior to the date of travel. We ask for this 2 month period as some treatments do take time to take effect. Our travel clerk will then contact you within 5 working days to advise you on what vaccinations may be required.

Our Travel Questionnaire can be downloaded from this website, see below, or collected from our reception desk.

Some vaccines are free on the NHS, though we may charge for administering them. The charge is £15 per injection.  Other vaccines or treatments are not included on the NHS and as such, in addition to the administration charge, you may be asked to collect and pay for the vaccine yourself from the chemist.

Download our Travel-Questionnaire

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